iOS version of MPAndroidChart out now!

We proudly announce that the MPAndroidChart library wich has become very popular amongst Android developers is now available for iOS as well.

The iOS version is written in Swift and can be found under the name ios-charts on GitHub. Special thanks to Daniel Gindi who took the time to transform the Java code to Swift.

The iOS API is 95% similar to the one available for Android, so if you seek assistance, you can refer to the Android documentation for now.

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One comment on “iOS version of MPAndroidChart out now!
  1. SOHIT TYAGI says:

    Hi Daniel Gindi,

    It is an very great chart control,as a user point of view.

    I need one confirmation from your end,is any source code of this library is available for objective C? because i have searched alot ,i was seen source code only available in swift language.but my requirement is in objective C language.

    Please help me.

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