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X.X_Mass_Developer is a mobile app developer team founded in early 2012. Studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg/Upper Austria, the devs get one of the best educations in mobile computing currently accessible.

We want to provide professional apps for a wide range of needs as well as games combining new gaming ideas that haven’t been here before!

Currently the team consists of four developers working together on different projects.

We decided to form a developer team of four to share our productivity and motivation and to gain new satisfied users every day.

Our developer team
Our developer team
From the left: Peter, Philipp, Simon and Philipp

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6 comments on “About us
  1. Penny de Byl says:

    I’m writing a book on mobile development as a follow up to my current book Holistic Game Development with Unity.
    I’d like your permission to use a screen shot of your Snowball Mania game in the section I’m writing about Offline Multiplayer experiences.

  2. Calvin Park says:

    Hello guys,

    I wanted to ask a question to Philipp Johada about a response he left on SO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18413309/how-to-implement-a-viewpager-with-different-fragments-layouts

    But SO doesn’t allow me to comment due to the lack of reputation, and there wasn’t a way to send you a message through SO, so here I am :)

    At the end of the response (which was excellent), you said “Last but not least: I would recommend that you use an empty constructor in each of your Fragment classes.”

    Can you please elaborate on that? What is an empty constructor, what is an alternative, and why is the empty constructor superior? I would appreciate your wisdom.

    Thank you!

  3. developer says:

    I finally took the time to further elaborate my statement, you can find it at the end of the answer.


  4. Larry moore says:

    does your rally app wor k with the Dual xgps150 on a wifi iPad?

    • developer says:

      Unfortunately I do not have access to the device you described which means I cannot assure you that it will actually work.
      However, you can simply purchase the app and try it out. If the outcome should be that it doesn’t work, Apple allows you to refund the app within a certain (I’m not exactly sure how long) time period.

  5. Octavian Miu says:

    for Philipp J, dude, i want to set the centerViewPort on a chart (MPAndroidChart) when screen orientation is changed. how can i get the current centerView port?

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