New Facebook page

Our app Rallye Co-Pilot just received a major update and along with it a completely new Facebook page.

Go and check it out! :-)

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MPAndroidChart v2.1.0

New release version of MPAndroidChart out now.
Go and try it out!

– New chart type: `BubbleChart`
– Fixed issue concerning elevation
– Fixed issue concerning jumping `XAxis`
– General bugfixes

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iOS version of MPAndroidChart out now!

We proudly announce that the MPAndroidChart library wich has become very popular amongst Android developers is now available for iOS as well.

The iOS version is written in Swift and can be found under the name ios-charts on GitHub. Special thanks to Daniel Gindi who took the time to transform the Java code to Swift.

The iOS API is 95% similar to the one available for Android, so if you seek assistance, you can refer to the Android documentation for now.

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MPAndroidChart update v2.0.8

Our MPAndroidChart library just received an update that provides:

– Massive performance increases
– Combined-Chart improvements
– General bugfixes

Enjoy! :-)

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Parsing JSON in Swift

The new programming language “Swift” introduced by Apple last year comes with various really great features and is much easier to use than its predecessor Objective-C.

However, if you ever came across the “pleasure” of parsing a JSON in Swift you will soon find that it gets really complex.

During our search we found a really great Library called “SwiftyJSON” by tangplin on github. We would like to thank him at this point for providing this cool library.

Parsing a JSON in Swift becomes as easy as something like this:

var durationInSeconds = swifty["routes"][0]["legs"][0]["duration"]["value"].int;
var endAdress = swifty["routes"][0]["legs"][0]["end_address"].string;
var encodedRoute = swifty["routes"][0]["overview_polyline"]["points"].string;

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Great news for the iOS world

Because our developer team recently set stronger focus on iOS development, we proudly announce the release of some new and very useful iOS applications for the finance and sports sections:


Debtpocket by Gregor Pichler
Never forget about a debt again. Either you are lending money to your friends, or you lent some, it’s not easy to keep all these amounts in mind. This app keeps your head free for more important things. Debtpocket splits all your costs between your friends on a trip with just a single click. Have you ever puzzled your head after a trip to split all expenses, like hotel, restaurant or fuel? Forget about these times, Debtpocket will take care of it and you can enjoy your trip without calculating or collecting receipts.

Rally Co-Pilot
Rally Co-Pilot: The Historic Rally Section Table Calculator by Philipp Baldauf
This app is the perfect helper for your next historic / classic rally. It features allocated time calculation for special stages, time management, live feedback, speed calculation and many more. With this app you will definitely be one step ahead at your next rally.

Expense Admin

Expense Admin: Manage your budget by Philipp Jahoda
Low on funds? This application allows you to precisely track all your expenses every day and shows you which areas eat up most of your budget. Beautiful charts will help you to keep your budget in perspective.

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Android chart library update

Our Android chart / graph library MPAndroidChart recently received some major updates including the following features:

– new chart type: CandleStickChart (for financial data)
– new chart type: RadarChart (spider web)
– grouped BarChart
– custom formatting of labels and values
– limit lines
– fancy build up animations
– improved scrolling and zoom feature on top of other scrollable Views (like ListView or ViewPager)
– fixed other known issues

For using the library and all it’s example code, download or clone it from GitHub or Bitbucket.
If you only need the library, and no example code, you can acquire a .jar file of the library in the release section on GitHub.

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RaspMedia Player for Raspberry Pi

Another X.X_Mass_Developer member project arrived – “RaspMedia Player” a standalone digital signage player for Raspberry Pi –>

Digital signage player for Raspberry Pi

Digital signage player for Raspberry Pi

The project includes a media player solution for the Raspberry Pi that supports all common image and video formats (MPEG License for Raspberry has to be obtained if used) and that can be easily installed on a fresh Raspbian installation. The complete installation process can be found the readme of the Github project.
The RaspMedia project also includes a desktop application that allows complete configuration and media copying over the network.

Check out this project on Github and contribute if you like to.
The project is in a late Beta state and constantly in development so stay tuned for future enhancements.

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MPAndroidChart major update

We just recently released a major update of our Android charting library MPAndroidChart on GitHub. Amongst others, the update contains the following features:

  • Scaling on both x- and y-axis
  • Pinchzoom gestures
  • A new chart type, the ScatterChart
  • Legends
  • Data filtering (generalization, linear approximation, …)
  • Drawing (draw values into the chart by touch gestures)
  • We would very much appreciate if you make use of this open-source library and rate us, thank you.

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    CircleDisplay – Show and select. In a new way.

    We proudly announce the release of a new Android Custom-View.

    CircleDisplay is that sweet little open source gadget, that will give your application just the special something you have always been looking for. It provides a new way of simply displaying values in a circle shaped view, beautiful build-up animations included. Furthermore, it can be used for selecting values via touch-gestures.

    Go and check it out now on GitHub: CircleDisplay – GitHub

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